Paddy Kelly's Reel

from by Puady Scully



6. Reel: Paddy Kelly's
Reel I learnt this four-part tune from the 1967 recording of Sligo fiddle and flute duet John Henry and Tommy Hunt. In 1957 John the Tae Gallagher, the famous Donegal fiddle player, played a similar tune with just the first three parts. He called it "The bunch of keys", not to be confused with the very well-known ”bunch of keys" which also has some similarities. That time John Gallagher played it with a tune called ”The yellow heifer”, nowadays known as "The yellow tinker”. In Donegal they would be known as "Sister Reels” (because they get along very well together and have close parentage), so in that case Paddy Kelly's Reel probably has many sisters and brothers, first and second cousins all over Ireland.A version of this tune appears in Brother Luke Donnellan's Oriel Songs and Dances in the County Louth Archaeological Iournal (1909) as Lady Elmer'sReel and is otherwise called Paddy on the Turnpike. In this tune I can try out my newly-acquired low C-note, with which I am not very satisfied yet.


from A Tribute to Patrick Enright, released June 1, 2004



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